Biblical Theology
The Gospel of Christ Crucified
Dr. John Harrigan

Assuming a first-century Jewish worldview, the apostles understood the death of Jesus primarily in sacrificial terms for the atonement of sins. In this way, their presupposed expectations of the future and eternal life remained fundamentally unaltered—the day of the Lord, resurrection of the dead, and kingdom of God would assuredly come because their Messiah had been vindicated by God. Far from changing, spiritualizing, or realizing their Jewish hopes, the death and resurrection of Jesus amplified them. Moreover, the fact that the Holy Spirit was poured out following Jesus’ ascension confirmed this gospel of Christ crucified.

God's Glory in Salvation Through Judgement
Dr. James Hamilton

Moving through the bible book by book, Dr. Hamilton shows that there is that there is one theological center to the whole Bible: God’s glory in salvation through judgment.

Surprised by Hope
N.T. Wright

Working through scripture and Jewish thought, Wright shows that this world is headed towards restoration, not annihilation. 

Books on Discipleship
J.C. Ryle

J.C. Ryle paints in vivid pictures the necessity living lives worthy of the Kingom of God. 

Habits of Grace
David Mathis

Three seemingly unremarkable principles shape and strengthen the Christian life: listening to God's voice, speaking to him in prayer, and joining with his people as the church. Though often viewed as normal and routine, the everyday "habits of grace" we cultivate give us access to these God-designed channels through which his live and power flow--including the greatest joy of all: knowing and enjoying Jesus.

Evangelism & Disciple Making
One-to-One Bible Reading
David Helm

Can you think of people in your life that you would like to see progress spiritually? Here's a way to help them understand more of God in a way that is simple and personal, and that doesn't rely on getting them to a church program or event.

Mark Dever

What does it look like for Christians to care for one another’s spiritual well-being and growth? In this introduction to the basics of discipling, veteran pastor and author Mark Dever uses biblical definitions and practical examples to show how Christians can help one another become more like Christ every day. 

The Master Plan of Evangelism
Dr. Robert Coleman

For more than forty years this classic study has shown Christians how to minister to the people God brings into their lives. Instead of drawing on the latest popular fad or the newest selling technique, Dr. Robert E. Coleman looks to the Bible to find the answer to the question: What was Christ's strategy for evangelism?

Dr. J Mack Stiles

Picture a church where evangelism is simply part of the culture. Leaders share their faith consistently and openly. Members follow, encouraging one another to make evangelism an ongoing way of life.

Such is the way of evangelism presented by this brief and compelling book. No program here. Instead, it just might give your church a new way to live and share the gospel together.

Spiritual Gifts
Why I Am Still Surprised by the Power of the Spirit
Jack Deere

With the care of a scholar and the passion of personal experience, Dr. Deere

  • Offers sound advice on discovering and using spiritual gifts in church.
  • Tells documented stories of modern miracles and encounters with demonic powers.
  • Examines the New Testament use of the phrase "filled with the Spirit" to show why and how God still fills his servants with the Holy Spirit.
  • Introduces the newest literature defending and explaining the gifts of the Spirit.


Gift & Giver
Dr. Craig Keener

Dr. Craig Keener takes a probing look at the various evangelical understandings of the role of the Holy Spirit in the church such such as spiritual gifts, the fruit of the Spirit, the Spirit's power for evangelism, and hearing God's voice.

Simply Spirit-Filled
Dr. Andrew Gabriel

Simply Spirit-Filled is a biblically rooted and well-informed introduction to some of the basics of the charismatic tradition; theology, practical steps, praying in tongues, spiritual gifts, dreams and visions, and miracles. 

Israel & the Covenant
The God of Israel & Christian Theology
Dr. RK Soulen

Kendall Soulen shows how important Christian assertions such as the uniqueness of Jesus, the Christian covenant, the finality of salvation in Christ have been formulated in destructive, supersessionist ways. Along with a full-scale critique of Christian supersessionism, Soulen's own constructive proposal regraps the narrative unity of Christian identity and the canon through an original and important insight into the divine-human covenant, the election of Israel, and the meaning of history.

When A Jew Rules the World
Joel Richardson

Richardson's work answers questions concering the biblical covenants, the "Old" Testament, the relationship between Jews and Gentiles, and the glorious return of Jesus. 

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Besorah: The Resurrection of Jerusalem and the Healing of a Fractured Gospel
Dr. Mark Kinzer & Russell Resnik

In Luke's besorah, the death and resurrection of the Messiah are a sign of the coming judgment and restoration of Jerusalem and the Jewish people--a restoration that brings with it the renewal of all creation. This prophetic dimension of the besorah is a key to healing the fractured gospel and restoring its power amidst the strife and tumult of the twenty-first century.

Our Hands are Stained with Blood: the Tragic Story of the Church and the Jewish People
Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown exposes the faulty theological roots that opened the door to anti-Semitism in Church history, explaining why well-meaning believers so often fall into the trap of hate... and showing how you can bring an end to the cycle of violence.

Biography & Story
The Heavenly Man
Brother Yun

You've read the headlines and seen the news: government crackdowns on Chinese house churches, mass arrests, human rights violations. . . . But is it true? This intensely dramatic autobiography answers that question with the account of how God took a young half-starved boy and enabled him to stand strong for Jesus, braving horrific opposition and impossible odds.

The Story Behind My Zeal for Missions
Hudson Taylor

Since the life of Paul and era following Pentecost, few lives have left the legacy and impact among the unreached and unengaged as that of James Hudson Taylor. His unwavering devotion to exalting Jesus "built foundations where there were none" (Romans 15:20) such that millions of Chinese believers trace their lineage in the faith back to this young man from England